The Slammed Door

The slammed door

She wondered if she could go back and hold on that moment when she saw him for the last time.

The slammed door, the rude him and her cries which he didn’t seem to notice.

Was her love worth it? No explanations?

Why would he do that after all these years?

“Such a jerk!” – betrayed, she made up her mind.

No! I am never going to cry for him. She confronted herself.

But memories would never leave.

Mind ignored, heart cared, love never faded.

His death was all that made her realize why there were no explanations.

Less time, more love – he didn’t want her to break.

That poor soul tried the best by fixing it with a little hurt beforehand.

Things never turn out the way as planned.

Nothing would ever get worse when that day finally the truth got unfolded.

The eyes that hid all the pains and those lips which fooled her to think it as ignorance.

Those lame excuses, she latched on to every lies he had to put her away.

How could she not feel it? The approaching death, his sinking heart, his pain?

Was it the ego?

Wasn’t she supposed to know what he was going through?

Tears never stopped, memories never fainted.

Just kept questioning, why and if only..?

Neither could she die, neither stayed alive.

A constant gaze.. the past.. and the wish.. to get back that very day once again.

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