The Path You Have Chosen

The path you have chosen

The path you have chosen is surely the tough one,

It’s difficult to walk through, it’s a rugged one,

But it’s not something impossible, not a clueless riddle,

Just fight through all the odds when you are in the middle..

All it calls for is determination,

And a need to overcome that temptation,

Take a deep breath and work hard,

Act a little smart &  put all your heart!

If  you win, people will only praise you,

Without even pondering what you have been through.

Only you’ll know what and how you have achieved,

When you push yourself to your limits.

You have to complete this journey, be swift,

When needed, just do the drift,

Surpass all negativities that attack you,

And let that amazing feeling of achievement attract you.

Don’t worry, it’s not something which you can’t do,

It’s hard, but focus on your goal. It’s all up to you.

No matter how everything may look obstreperous to you,

Or the circumstances around may confuse you,

You just need to be more strong,

Coz’ this hardship ain’t staying long!

It’s the dusk you are going through,

And soon there will be dawn,

Never lose hope, just be calm,

For you to give your best, this is the alarm!

Keep up the dedication throughout,

In between don’t think of any rest..

Never quit or give up,

till you complete your quest.

Just soothe your mind,

Let your intentions be kind,

It’s never too late, you still have time,

That’s the gist of this rhyme.

2 thoughts on “The Path You Have Chosen

  1. Everybody’s got there separate path and journey.. But ones someone wise that told me that journey is far better den destiny so live on that journey we all r alone on our ways and ones we all alone nobody will be…

  2. Love,affection,passion are things that makes a person imaginative.To understand the depth of your desired path,it is essential to understand the journey first. Every man and women has a different opinions about their life.Each defines it according to her and his understanding. I see you understanding the way of life. Way to go all best..

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