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One of the saddest thing that can happen is when one falls in love while the other wants nothing more than friendship. Well, it's kind of sad and weird at the same time trying to get over someone who you never even dated! This poem "Friendzoned" is based on a love story that never happened. 
Here it goes...

Tired of looking back on all the memories and all the could be’s,

Two decades of our friendship, but still you didn’t choose me.

Everything we had were the only memories I cherished,

But something more than a friend, you never noticed.

Thinking about the past, I don’t know who I was,

Or do I remember for me, when “I” turned to “us”.

My heart yearns to always be with you,

When you asked “Why?” I said “I Love You”.

Since forever you’ve been my only dream,

You said you loved someone else, I couldn’t help but scream.

“We are just friends” saying these, so easily you cut me,

If only you could see the one loving you the most, is me.

Neither could I explain, nor did you understand this feel,

One chance, and I’d prove you all these are real.

I see you with him, letting your romance revive,

With this pain inside, I ask myself – “How will I survive?”

My eyes brim with tears, yet I hold back the deluge,

But behind these false smiles, the pain is huge.

This heart, this friendship, everything is the same,

Expecting you as a lover, you seem far every second.

No smoke, no fire, just this burn in my heart,

Ruined everything we had, all from the start.

As you turned away from me, I stood and saw you disappear,

My happiness all gone and I am just left with tears.


Guys, I know I suck in writing poems but still I can't stop trying! There has been a terrible gap in the posts lately as I have been so busy with my finals, I couldn't keep my blog updated. But I will be back soon with something interesting soon. Stay with me. And yes, this isn't a comeback! :D 
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10 things my mother taught me when I turned 13!

10 things my mother taught me when I turned 13

1. Sometimes it’s going to hurt. You’re going to sit on the floor screaming at the ceiling and pulling your hair and trying to tear your skin off your bones. You’re going to fall asleep with tears burning holes in your cheeks and praying that you won’t wake up. But you will. You will always wake up. Be glad. It’s going to stop hurting.

2. Do things you love. Kiss the boy from down the street because he told your best friend that he thinks you have pretty eyes. Sleep on the floor because your bed doesn’t fit right. Cry because you miss him. Smile because you’re gonna be okay but he’s always gonna be a mess. Laugh until your stomach hurts and you can’t breathe. Fall apart and put yourself back together again.

3. When the boy you love gets drunk and kisses another girl and his words hit you right in the heart and knock the wind out of your chest, try to remember that the world isn’t caving in on you even though it feels like it is.

4. Nothing really matters as much as you think it does.

5. The sky is blue because it’s sad, but the clouds are white because there are still little wisps of hope flying around in the air and sometimes they fill the whole damn sky and that’s how you know it’s all going to be alright.

6. When you were born, I put a barbed wire fence around your heart for protection. Any boy who gets in there is gonna have scraped up knees and blood pouring from his hands. If he sticks around, help him clean up the cuts.

7. When you’re convinced that there’s nothing left inside you, remember that you’ve got the entire galaxy under your tongue and the world in your bones. There are flowers growing from your cheeks, sometimes you just need to water them a little, crying helps.

8. When someone says they love you, believe it, chances are they mean it.

9. Don’t waste your time crying over people who hurt you. You’re giving in. You’re letting them win. And baby if they don’t have you then they’ve already lost, so don’t let them have the satisfaction of breaking you.

10. Try not to grow up too fast.