Story of a Bank Teller

Mr. Ghimire, The Teller

“Bank tellers have it easy; they get paid to count money all day.”

This ain’t right. Yes, bank tellers are surrounded by money all day, but it’s not so carefree as it seems. Just handling money isn’t a bank teller’s job, but handling money accurately while providing outstanding customer service is. Each customer entering a bank interacts with a teller, thus making the customer service skill paramount for keeping the customers content.

In fact, this is one of the riskiest jobs while it comes to monetary transactions. Recently, as a trainee in a bank, I’ve been assisting Mr.Ghimire in the cash department. He is no doubt an expert in this field, and the way he carries himself throughout is simply breath taking. The speed he maintains, absolute accuracy of the monetary transactions and a friendly nature with everyone around tops it all. Not only in professional level, but even personally I immensely got motivated to write something about it.

The first thing I saw was – “Multitasking”. A teller should be pro at it. Cashing checks, depositing money, collecting loan payments and being able to satisfy customers as soon as possible without having them to wait long, all at once and with perfect upshot! Sounds like a teller’s job is a tough nut to crack, right? But no, it’s not. Neither it’s a rocket science, nor includes any formulas for the operation but small things in rapid way because speed matters here. Every customer is in a hurry to get their things done asap, so the more faster and accurate, the more better.

As a customer in a queue, I never thought of what the person behind the bars went through. A long queue of restless people, lots of cash, and that subconscious feel of getting everything in risk including con artists and even robberies, as the security of all transactions is in charge of the teller. In this process of assisting, I got to know the value of a zero and a typo. A miss in the entry and you could end up putting up your entire paycheck for the loss or even more.

Though it’s a job of processing routine transactions, the good part I saw is that the teller could interact with a wide variety of people and work in a professional environment. Well, bank provides various facilities to the employees and on the other hand, it helps to deal with every type of people and in personal enrichment. The way they do those stuffs with people’s assets, is truely fascinating. Even I used to remain spell bound with whatever my senior performed. Neither did he complain anything about the job, nor the remuneration or the risks. All he had was respect to the job he was in.

I realized how important a job is. Not just as a teller, or your job or mine or anyone in particular, but any job. It gives you an identity, people know you by it. And how carelessness in any job can make you as well as others suffer. I learnt how important it is to perform your job with all your enthusiasm and not to underestimate it no matter how much you get paid for it. It’s your job which gives you an identity, like how a simple job of cooking can make u a chef if done brilliantly with innovation.

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