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Relationships are a collage of compromises, commitment, adjustments, trust, care, sacrifices, maturity, understandings, patience, tolerance and unconditional love. It’s smeared with tears, laughter, smiles and sprinkled with beautiful moments spent together. It’s not all about happiness but also being there for each other when sadness creeps in. It’s all about two people who are madly in love with each other and have a strong pertinacity to make their bond work by enduring each other’s imperfections, overlooking flaws and cherishing the differences.

Distance isn’t a big factor in relationships, communication is. Relationships require communication. They can’t flourish without proper amount of communication. Even though you’re far, the heart still cares but lack of communication can lead to doubts and misunderstandings. Also while communicating, the substantial problem is that we don’t listen with the intent to understand. We listen to reply. Expressing ourselves effectively and listening properly is indeed very essential.

For the relationship to work, we must remember that it should be continued in the same way when it started. Sometimes people who are not equally spiritual counterparts, make changes in themselves in the hope that making these changes will help to coagulate their relationships. This usually results in a person not being happy in their relationship later on because they realize that they must continue to act as someone they really aren’t, to give their relationship a chance to work. One way to never face this in life is to always be who you are. Show your significant other from the start, the things in life that you really care about. If they really love you, they will take interest and encourage you to be that person instead of someone you aren’t.

Grooming each other is the sign of most strongest relationships. Your partner should see the light inside of you and believe that speck of goodness is worth holding to. If you are with someone with whom you feel a connection, who makes you giggle until you have tears in your eyes, who melts your heart with a simple smile, who works to make you happy, who plans a future with you, understands you and your moods, loves and cares for you truly, helps in your overall growth, then you’re with the right one.

The most troubling consequences of falling in love too fast is losing who you are in the process. Whatever the circumstances, give your best. No one is perfect. Tying to fake up and act a perfecto never helps. Be the real you and cherish the differences you have. Appreciate the efforts they make for you. Treasure the moments. Make them smile. You don’t have to give them flowers or gifts or the entire world to make them happy. Just make them happy by sincerely giving them “you”.

Maintaining a relationship needs a great effort. Leave no stones unturned so that you don’t have to regret for not making good of what was once with you. Forget the world and be with the one whom your heart desires. Life has a really long way to go. So, be with someone who can make you smile. There is no need to rush for anything. If something is meant to be, it will happen. In the right time, with the right person and for the best reason.

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  1. Relationships are made by “trust”. If you want to establish healthy and sustainable relationship, trust him/her and expect same. My experience, my life.

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