Men, Thornbush and Feminism

men, thornbush and feminism
Men, Thornbush and Feminism...

Plant not so easily your thoughts

on the females who come in your lives.

Beware! they might be nurturing nettles,

those that can prick you at every joints;

and bend your independency at wrong angles.

You might be a true valentine – a true lover!

Yet, Be alert.

Although lustered in green meadow;

shaping your seeds of trust and belief,

and unknown but heard of eyes sunkened,

your pockets bare and emptied; too in thoughts

you become one another citizen,

lost in wilderness and closed in solitude.

The nettles prick you at regular intervals

though you try much to tend her with care;

your every magic of words, touch, compassion

fail you all in a while to a world of desolation.

All you hear in and around is the disheartening throbs,

neither will you escape nor make it escape,

the circle of thornbush – the circle of feminism.

All in all finally left at self mercy.

You are accounted to be – a know nothing.

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