Love, Relationships and Moving on …

Love Relationships and Moving on

In love, you seem to be the happiest person on the planet. All those worldly things don’t matter while you are in love. All you need is the togetherness with your partner, their love, care and attention. You wouldn’t want to live a moment without them. Nothing else matters to you. You find yourself dreaming a future together. You wouldn’t need anyone besides them and just imagine a happily ever after scenario. The memories of these wonderful moments that you spend with each other, you want to treasure for a lifetime.

And yes, that actually happens! No matter you’re together or broke up, you can’t forget that feeling you got with them. That very moment when your heart skipped the beat seeing your partner, the crazy things you did to make them smile, those dares you made to see eachother, the nights you never slept to share your secrets, the promises to never be apart, crying together, those silly fights and  many more. You can just ignore them, but can’t forget. These memories help to enhance the love when you’re together, but it haunts you back like hell when you’re over with the relationship!

Falling in love is easy, but to maintain the love for eachother is a great deal. When things don’t turn fine, people break up. The same couples who shared everything, who promised a life together, suddenly are no longer together. They start to hate eachother, cry, hurt themselves, bitch around, some move on and some even end their life. Is this it? Was that all their life was for? It’s a hard thing to consider ourselves dumped and cheated on by our so considered better-half. A wounded heart can’t be healed easily, but that’s not the end! And suicide – a big NO.

Even I was hurt. Not once, not twice, but several times. My heart was shattered to pieces by the person whom I trusted more than myself. I got deceived. The dream of spending life together was no longer there. I was hopeless. It seemed it was the end of everything. And at that very moment, it really was! The broken heart, the alone me, the world who didn’t seem to care, the regrets, the memories… what more would anyone need to break down. And if I had not gathered myself together, I’d not be here writing articles. I’d rather be somewhere down the ground with insects all over.

But I realized, whatever happens, happens for good. If you’re in this phase, you too may not support this statement, I didn’t like it either. But you know what? It’s perfectly fine. You may be not in a state of forgetting everything that happened, but you don’t even need to! You don’t need to start hating the person, or hurt yourself for anything.The right thing to do for you is to realize is that it’s not the end of the world, it’s not what you’ve got to mourn for the rest of your life. You’ve got a beautiful life ahead. You are a beautiful soul and you can make changes, trust me. The best pictures are developed in darkness. So, don’t get hold back yourself, you’re gonna  get the best picture of yourself after this darkness. Stay around positive people. Don’t think much about what happened and ignore the backstabbers.This is your fight. Don’t let others enjoy your defeat. Stand up! Fight! Fight for yourself!

 You know what’s there for you at the end of this dark tunnel? You’ve the bright end – that signifies light – your light. The better and stronger you. It’s the same “you” that you thought would never make it, but the only difference is that this “you” had the courage to walk past through this dark tunnel of your life. You have that “you” in you, but that’s buried deep down under your emotions. It’s the same emotions that you were best in, but now when that someone damn cared, the same emotions are letting you down. You fear of loving back again. You fear to trust back again. You aren’t the “you” that you used to be.

Just take a deep breath and remember -When things are not meant to be, it will never be. So don’t mourn for what you lost, that wasn’t yours! No matter what goes on, always be there for yourself.  And now is the right time. That “you” in you is alone. You have to support it, pamper it, love and care it. Once you stand up for yourself, nothing’s gonna stop you from the light to be yours. Life is full of surprises, stay moved on, you never know when a beautiful surprise knocks your way!