His writings, she loved, every word of them. His beautiful art of playing with the words lured her. The more she explored his world, the more she craved for it. How wonderfully her crush could strike the chord in her heart with so few words. For a celeb, she was just another fan on the list, unaware, how his presence had made an unexplainably beautiful impact to her small world.

She’d skip beats on his every article, each word he wrote captivated her in some way. Her heart raced when his name popped up on her screen. She wanted the more of it. Those bunch of butterflies flying around her stomach, getting out of words, those blushes and giggles, that urge for his genuine attention… she didn’t want all these to subside. Anxious, excited, nervous, and the innocent her, all mingled up making her yearn for more. She tried for the more of him, the more of the two, the more of… if it could ever be!