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म बिहे गर्दिन ल आमा ?

म बिहे गर्दिन ल आमा ?


” मेरी आमा सबैभन्दा दयालु, सबैभन्दा मायालु ”

यती भन्दैमा तिमी खुसाउछौ,

थोरै मात्र झर्किउ म,

चित्त दुखाइ रिसाउछौ,

तिमी जस्ती आमा अरु कहाँ पाउनु र ?

आफ्नो ठाँउ माया मारी अरुकोमा कसरी जानु र ?


तिमीलाई त घुर्की लाउछु,

सासुलाई के लाउला म?

तिमीलाई जस्तो माया त,

सासुलाई के गरुँला र !


मिठो बोल्लिन उनी पनि,

तिमी नै सबैभन्दा मायालु,

शृङगारपटार गर्न होलिन सिपालु,

जे भए नि तिमी मेरी आलु, उनी चै पिडालु!


ठेस लागेमा मलाई, कठै बरी भन्लिन

तिमीले जस्तो मलम पट्टी लाइदेलिन र आमा?

भोक छैन मलाई भन्दा , किन भनि सोध्लिन

घुर्की नला, खुरुक्क खा भन्दै आफै खुवाउलिन र आमा ?


तिमी त मलाई “मेरो छोरो होस तँ” भन्छौ,

ज्वाइको रुपमा बुहारी भित्र्याउन मिल्दैन र आमा?

बिहे गरेर आफ्नै घर जाने भए ,

तिमी किन आमा, उनी चै सासु आमा?


खोई त मेरी हजुरआमाले तिमीलाई,

तेल लगाई ताते ताते गरेको?

आइज छोरी कथा भन्छु भनि,

आफ्नै काखमा सुताएको?

छोरी नभनी तिमीलाई,

ए साहिली बुहारी भनि किन बोलाएको?

त्यसैले तिमीलाई छोडी जान्न ल म कसैकोमा,

उमेर बढी रहोस त्यही पनि म बिहे गर्दिन ल आमा ?

Dear Rapist

Dear Rapist,

A big warm Thank you for your  contribution to the country. Girls are afraid now.


They always were. I hope your Mother and  Sisters  are not aware of your generous work.

I hope.

As they may attempt suicide or may go through  mental stress for having any kind of relation  with you. I pity them.

So you raped another girl. Ha!


Proud of yourself? No no, you should be.

You should be proud of yourself for destroying a girl’s life COMPLETELY.

Now she can never move around in the society freely. No one will marry her if it matters.

No, why will it matter to you.

Sorry for bothering you but can I ask why did you choose this profession?

Like is it your family business or you started it and then invited members to join you?

Also why do you have this urge to have sex with every other girl in town?

Masturbate na. Please.

Why are you destroying people’s life? Or there is a better solution, Marry.

That way you won’t even have to do any such criminal act and your wife will also be happy.

Although who will marry a depraved pervert like you!

I sympathise with the victim.

Because her only fault was breathing. Right?

She was breathing so you got this sudden urge of raping her.

Don’t give me those lame excuses that she was wearing a short skirt or a backless top or was exposing too much.

Both of us know what the truth is.

So now what next?

Do you think you will survive or are you afraid of punishment?

No you aren’t afraid of any sort of punishment because if you were, you wouldn’t have raped the girl in the first place.

So the former one is the case.

You think our rules and our government will help you in surviving. Indeed they do.

But when you do such things nowadays na, what happens is social media pressurizes the government to take action.


And yes each one of us is praying, more like begging from god that people like you should be gifted with death for your generous and kind contribution to society.

Did you even think of the girl’s father for once?

If not, please do think.

Think of that father who didn’t even allow his daughter to put a foot on this earth when she went to a Mela with him and instead carried her on his shoulders.

Think of that father who went everywhere with his daughter for admissions to schools ,institutes and colleges so that she doesn’t have to face any sort of problems that he probably faced.

Think of that father who loved his daughter more than his life.

But why will you?

You destroyed everyone’s life dear, everyone’s fucking life!

Just because of your lovely thoughts and perverted mind…!!!

10 things my mother taught me when I turned 13!

10 things my mother taught me when I turned 13

1. Sometimes it’s going to hurt. You’re going to sit on the floor screaming at the ceiling and pulling your hair and trying to tear your skin off your bones. You’re going to fall asleep with tears burning holes in your cheeks and praying that you won’t wake up. But you will. You will always wake up. Be glad. It’s going to stop hurting.

2. Do things you love. Kiss the boy from down the street because he told your best friend that he thinks you have pretty eyes. Sleep on the floor because your bed doesn’t fit right. Cry because you miss him. Smile because you’re gonna be okay but he’s always gonna be a mess. Laugh until your stomach hurts and you can’t breathe. Fall apart and put yourself back together again.

3. When the boy you love gets drunk and kisses another girl and his words hit you right in the heart and knock the wind out of your chest, try to remember that the world isn’t caving in on you even though it feels like it is.

4. Nothing really matters as much as you think it does.

5. The sky is blue because it’s sad, but the clouds are white because there are still little wisps of hope flying around in the air and sometimes they fill the whole damn sky and that’s how you know it’s all going to be alright.

6. When you were born, I put a barbed wire fence around your heart for protection. Any boy who gets in there is gonna have scraped up knees and blood pouring from his hands. If he sticks around, help him clean up the cuts.

7. When you’re convinced that there’s nothing left inside you, remember that you’ve got the entire galaxy under your tongue and the world in your bones. There are flowers growing from your cheeks, sometimes you just need to water them a little, crying helps.

8. When someone says they love you, believe it, chances are they mean it.

9. Don’t waste your time crying over people who hurt you. You’re giving in. You’re letting them win. And baby if they don’t have you then they’ve already lost, so don’t let them have the satisfaction of breaking you.

10. Try not to grow up too fast.



The Slammed Door

She wondered if she could go back and hold on that moment when she saw him for the last time.

The slammed door, the rude him and her cries which he didn’t seem to notice.

Was her love worth it? No explanations?

Why would he do that after all these years?

“Such a jerk!” – betrayed, she made up her mind.

No! I am never going to cry for him. She confronted herself.

But memories would never leave.

Mind ignored, heart cared, love never faded.

His death was all that made her realize why there were no explanations.

Less time, more love – he didn’t want her to break.

That poor soul tried the best by fixing it with a little hurt beforehand.

Things never turn out the way as planned.

Nothing would ever get worse when that day finally the truth got unfolded.

The eyes that hid all the pains and those lips which fooled her to think it as ignorance.

Those lame excuses, she latched on to every lies he had to put her away.

How could she not feel it? The approaching death, his sinking heart, his pain?

Was it the ego?

Wasn’t she supposed to know what he was going through?

Tears never stopped, memories never fainted.

Just kept questioning, why and if only..?

Neither could she die, neither stayed alive.

A constant gaze.. the past.. and the wish.. to get back that very day once again.

The Sun Will Rise Again

I can hear you cry..

I can see the tears..

I can feel the pain..

I can sense your fears..

But there’s something you should know,

That you’re not all alone..

Standing right there by your side,

I’m your friend, I’m your own..

So let’s hold on.. Let’s hold on..

Let’s hold each others hand,

Let’s hold on.. Let’s hold on..

And together we will stand,

Even the darkest night will end..

And the sun will rise again..

Even the darkest night will end..

And the sun will rise again!

Let's hold each others hand
Let’s hold each others hand

The worlds have crumbled down..

Broken homes .. Broken town..

Innocent lives snatched away..

The sound of sorrow all around..

But the hope will never die,

And the spirits will survive..

Brick by brick we’ll build it all,

If we keep the faith alive..

So let’s hold on.. Let’s hold on..

Let’s hold eachothers hand,

Let’s hold on.. Let’s hold on..

And together we will stand,

Even the darkest night will end..

And the sun will rise again..

Even the darkest night will end..

And the sun will rise again!!


Kahile pachhi nahatne Bir Gorkhali!

कहिले पछि नहट्ने विर गोर्खाली |

Jastai dukha ma jutna sakne Bir Gorkhali!

जस्तै दुखमा जुट्न सक्ने विर गोर्खाली |

Adhyaro ma balna sakne Bir Gorkhali!

अध्यारोमा बल्न सक्ने विर गोर्खाली |

Aai parema datna sakne Bir Gorkhali!

आईपरेमा डट्न सक्ने विर गोर्खाली |

The contents in this post is written and sung by Gaurav Dagaonkar as a tribute to all the Nepalese in the disastrous Earthquake of 25th April, 2015.The copyright of the pictures is not mine either. Credits to the wonderful soul who took pains to put the pictures together :)

An unfortunate daughter

Dear Mom,

I came across the scar of the cut on my wrist and it left me wondering about all those moments I had with you and without you. I can never explain what it felt like growing up without you. Whenever I needed you, I was all alone. You were never there, Mom. Neither to fix my hair, nor to comfort me on my first period or pack my tiffins to school. You never showed up for my birthdays or attended my school functions or went shopping with me. You weren’t there to read me bedtime stories and make me sleep peacefully in your lap. I always had an emptiness where you should have been.

You never saw my tears, all those lonely nights I cried. You never knew my dreams, my thoughts, my favorites, or anything about me. Not days, not weeks but years have passed by without you here anymore. When I see other girls laughing with their moms, I envy them. I long for all those mother-daughter things. And you know what Mom, the moment you left, I lost my dad too. No one knows how hard it is for your own father not to love you when you’ve lost a mother.

Since childhood I have kept all the things to myself, ain’t got anybody to share. Every problem, and I faced it on my own. Mom, do you know that I topped my 10th grade? Do you know that I have an entire showcase filled with awards? Do you have any slightest idea why I committed a suicide and have been in depression since so long? I’ve got cut scars all over. Do you know I skip meals and don’t even get enough sleep? I have post traumatic stress disorder because of the things I have lived through. See, I have so much to share.

It could have perhaps been way better if you were here. These years without you have been really difficult to live. I cried, I tried suicide, I screamed.. did you hear? No! coz you were never around. I try to look forward to the future but I am still trapped in those painful memories of the past that haunts me every now and then. Yes, you could have stayed instead of making things more worse and it hurts to see that I wasn’t enough of a reason to hold you back.

You have hurt your little girl. But hey Mom, I have been smiling hiding these tears behind in front of everyone, trying to be brave. I keep lying to myself and others that I’ve gotten over you and your absence don’t really matter, but it does. And how much? only I know that. They say time heals everything but for this, it doesn’t. It still hurts. After all these 15 years, I still break down, I still cry for you, but no one seems to care.

My feelings for you are so dumb, sad, angry, upset, trapped and what not. You can never make up for this pain that has been within me for this long. My life has been hugely affected by these, but you’re still unknown. You were supposed to be with me, encouraging me and protecting me, but you left me out Mom. But still if I could get one thing I wished, it would be you. Though you could never make me feel what having a mother is like, on this Mother’s day, I heartily wish you be the happiest wherever you are and hope you remember me and our blur memories together.

Happy Mother’s Day!

– An unfortunate daughter.



The Earthquake

Nepal Quake: Toll rises to 1200.

Dated 2072/1/12 B.S. (25th Apr,2015) around 1200 people were killed in the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal making its epicenter in Lamjung district, some 76kms away from the capital.

The capital Kathmandu massively affected by the quake that started at 11:56am. Tremors were felt across the region, with further loss of life in India, Bangladesh, Tibet and on Mount Everest and many other districts of far and mid-west. Various historic monuments including Dharahara, Patan Durbar Square, Basantapur Durbar Square, Manakamana, Gorkha Durbar Square, Rani Pokhari have been ruined. It has hugely affected the residents and the highways too.

While some monuments have already been reduced to rubble, eyewitnesses reported that others have cracks and could collapse. However, journalist Nalini Singh said that the sacred Hindu temple Pashupatinath has not suffered any damage.

“Renowned Shri Pashupatinath temple complex in Kathmandu has suffered no damage, is safe, according to reports” she tweeted.

After the earthquake struck, frightened residents came out into the streets. The casualties are being treated on open areas as there are still possibilities of next quake hitting anytime soon. Mobile phones and other communications have been disrupted. The dead bodies have been trapped in the ruins and rescue teams are digging through the rubbles to find the survivors.

“We need support from the various international agencies which are more knowledgeable and equipped to handle the kind of emergency we face now,” Information Minister Minendra Rijal.

Aids from various organizations inside and outside of Nepal are being provided. People are  sharing the helpline numbers and making them widely available through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“A total of 10 people, including foreign climbers, were reportedly killed in an avalanche on Mount Everest which was triggered by a magnitude 7.9 earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday”- a Nepal tourism ministry official said.

“At least 1100 people had died in the quake, and that more than 1,700 injured… At least 539 people were killed in just the Kathmandu valley” a national police spokesman said in the evening.

Four major and more than 60 minor earthquakes have been experienced within 9 hours, according to the locals. This is something that doesn’t even need words to be described. It’s devastating, even a stone heart would cry. I personally extend my deepest sympathy to the bereaved families in their loss and pray for the departed souls to rest in heavenly peace.

God bless the mankind.

Some of the pictures that were captured around the nation.

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The Path You Have Chosen

The path you have chosen is surely the tough one,

It’s difficult to walk through, it’s a rugged one,

But it’s not something impossible, not a clueless riddle,

Just fight through all the odds when you are in the middle..

All it calls for is determination,

And a need to overcome that temptation,

Take a deep breath and work hard,

Act a little smart &  put all your heart!

If  you win, people will only praise you,

Without even pondering what you have been through.

Only you’ll know what and how you have achieved,

When you push yourself to your limits.

You have to complete this journey, be swift,

When needed, just do the drift,

Surpass all negativities that attack you,

And let that amazing feeling of achievement attract you.

Don’t worry, it’s not something which you can’t do,

It’s hard, but focus on your goal. It’s all up to you.

No matter how everything may look obstreperous to you,

Or the circumstances around may confuse you,

You just need to be more strong,

Coz’ this hardship ain’t staying long!

It’s the dusk you are going through,

And soon there will be dawn,

Never lose hope, just be calm,

For you to give your best, this is the alarm!

Keep up the dedication throughout,

In between don’t think of any rest..

Never quit or give up,

till you complete your quest.

Just soothe your mind,

Let your intentions be kind,

It’s never too late, you still have time,

That’s the gist of this rhyme.


Relationships are a collage of compromises, commitment, adjustments, trust, care, sacrifices, maturity, understandings, patience, tolerance and unconditional love. It’s smeared with tears, laughter, smiles and sprinkled with beautiful moments spent together. It’s not all about happiness but also being there for each other when sadness creeps in. It’s all about two people who are madly in love with each other and have a strong pertinacity to make their bond work by enduring each other’s imperfections, overlooking flaws and cherishing the differences.

Distance isn’t a big factor in relationships, communication is. Relationships require communication. They can’t flourish without proper amount of communication. Even though you’re far, the heart still cares but lack of communication can lead to doubts and misunderstandings. Also while communicating, the substantial problem is that we don’t listen with the intent to understand. We listen to reply. Expressing ourselves effectively and listening properly is indeed very essential.

For the relationship to work, we must remember that it should be continued in the same way when it started. Sometimes people who are not equally spiritual counterparts, make changes in themselves in the hope that making these changes will help to coagulate their relationships. This usually results in a person not being happy in their relationship later on because they realize that they must continue to act as someone they really aren’t, to give their relationship a chance to work. One way to never face this in life is to always be who you are. Show your significant other from the start, the things in life that you really care about. If they really love you, they will take interest and encourage you to be that person instead of someone you aren’t.

Grooming each other is the sign of most strongest relationships. Your partner should see the light inside of you and believe that speck of goodness is worth holding to. If you are with someone with whom you feel a connection, who makes you giggle until you have tears in your eyes, who melts your heart with a simple smile, who works to make you happy, who plans a future with you, understands you and your moods, loves and cares for you truly, helps in your overall growth, then you’re with the right one.

The most troubling consequences of falling in love too fast is losing who you are in the process. Whatever the circumstances, give your best. No one is perfect. Tying to fake up and act a perfecto never helps. Be the real you and cherish the differences you have. Appreciate the efforts they make for you. Treasure the moments. Make them smile. You don’t have to give them flowers or gifts or the entire world to make them happy. Just make them happy by sincerely giving them “you”.

Maintaining a relationship needs a great effort. Leave no stones unturned so that you don’t have to regret for not making good of what was once with you. Forget the world and be with the one whom your heart desires. Life has a really long way to go. So, be with someone who can make you smile. There is no need to rush for anything. If something is meant to be, it will happen. In the right time, with the right person and for the best reason.

केटि फकाउनु पर्दा खेरिको फुर्सद

केटि फकाउनु पर्दा खेरिको फुर्सद,
अनि पछि त्यै केटि फकिएपछि
उसलाई समय दिन नसक्ने त्यो व्यस्तता ।
पहिलो दिनमा जति पछि लागिन्छ,
त्यति नै मिहेनत पछी चाहिँ किन गरिन्न ?
मन नै त हो, त्यही आस गरिरहन्छ,
जुन मिहेनत देखेर मन पराईएको हुन्छ,
बिस्तारै सेलाउदै, हराउदै गएसी के होस् ?
त्यै माथि छोरी मान्छेको मन,
सानो कुरामा चसक्क हुने,
कुन कुरामा कति बेला दुख्छ,
बुझेर पनि बुझी नसक्नुको,
बाहिर राम्रै देखिन्छिन ऊनि,
भित्र के आंधी चलिरको छ थाहा हुन्न,
तर छोरी मान्छेको मन, चाडैं फक्किईने
जति जे भन, कराउ, थर्काउ,
एक चोटी मायालु स्वोरमा बोलेसी पुग्छ,
सारा दुख एक हाँसोमा भुल्ने त्यो मन,
तेस्लाई फकाएर मख्ख पार्न खोज्ने
केटाहरुको त्यो सुरुको प्रयास,
केटि फकाउनु पर्दा खेरिको त्यो फुर्सद
अनि पछि तेइ केटि फकिएपछी
उसलाई समय दिन नसक्ने, त्यो व्यस्तता।