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Unconditional Love

I believe there are always some special ones in everyone’s life who just give all they can, to provide fuel for your journey towards your ambitions, happiness, comfort and everything which benefits you without expecting anything in return. Today, I have few words which most of the times are understood, sometimes forgotten, sometimes wished to express but did not get a chance, and sometimes not even said or thought about when it was much needed. Well, I wont delay it any further in expressing these feelings and thoughts I have for those two very special people of my life – My Dad and my Mom.

You’ve been with me through all the crossroads of life whenever I didn’t know the way to walk. I could never even pen down even half of what you have done for me. Putting my happiness over everything, be it my favorite chocolate, my dress, tv show or my studies, you guys never considered it secondary. Be it learning to cook or ride a scooty, you’ve been with me whenever I needed. May be I was rude and complained some times, but I do realize that you have always given me the first priority and invested upon me to the extent you could. You believed in me when the rest of the world saw me with doubt in their eyes. People consider me “good” today – all bcoz of you. Everything I am, is because of you. Parents love is unconditional and you guys make me wonder this beauty of love.

If only I could give you back one fold of what you’ve given me, I’d be glad. I am proud to have parents like you. For all the sacrifices you have made for me, for your efforts, supports, blessings, love and care all these times… Dear Mom and Dad, I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for all the happy memories. Thank you for the unconditional love and care. Thank you for investing so much in raising me and making me this able. Thank you for all the hugs and shoulders you provided whenever I broke down. Thank you for waking up the night I had my exams or I felt sick. Thank you for all those known and unknown sacrifices you have made for me. Thank you so much for your efforts in my upbringing. There are lots I am grateful to you for, I’d fall short of words.

I may not have ever said you this, but seriously you guys have been the greatest support ever. Without you, I’d never have existed(literally yes!) but the way you have been there for me, it makes me grin and feel that I am the luckiest daughter ever, and you guys the best-est parent a child could get. I heartily thank you and hope that someday you too will really be proud to have me as your daughter.

Big beary hugs and sweetest kisses to the two awesome people of my life!

Yours ever loving daughter,