An adult but still a kid at heart


I took a Mental Age test the other day and it resulted me in the category of around 9 years!! Well, this may sound shocking but I kinda actually enjoy being myself. Not that I am not an adult or I don’t understand being one, but it’s completely so cool to have a kid’s heart. Being a kid has its own pros and cons but at least your heart gets to be carefree while your mind is busy being an adult. And I’ve seen some people who – regardless of their age maintain their carefree attitude, and their happy go lucky personality. Even though they are legally adults, they’re still kids at heart. They are so innocent and behave like a child, just makes me wonder if it’s a child in an adult’s costume. Can’t even say it for myself, I still fit in a kid’s section!  Anyways, Here are the signs that proves you are an adult but still a kid at heart.

  • You have so much love in your heart.
  • You become excited by small things.
  • You cannot take most of the things seriously.
  • You cry quite often.
  • You still love cartoons and you agree to the fact that nothing can replace that love for you!
  • You don’t f*ck with dark basements.
  • When it rains, you stick out your tongue.
  • And secretly want to jump in puddles.
  • You don’t like complications. The moment you see one coming your way, you want to literally pick yourself up and… RUN!
  • When you go to the beach, you build a sand castle.
  • It takes a great amount of self-restraint to NOT jump on hotel beds.
  • Whenever you see something is free, you just run for it. It doesn’t matter if you need it or not.
  • You love any chance to dance wildly with your friends.
  • You sometimes play “the floor is hot lava” when you’re alone.
  • Even the smallest things and gestures like meeting a long lost friend after a long time or a sweet message when you’re low, excite you up till date!
  • You love everything colorful. Colors brighten up your face like nothing could ever go wrong again.
  • You love surprise gifts and parties.
  • You really get excited when you see water balloons.
  • You never pass up an opportunity to pop bubble wrap.
  • You still obsess over celebrities, and you could get into serious arguments when it comes to defending your favorite celebrity.
  • When it snows, you have to make a snow angel or build the biggest snowman ever!
  • You don’t just chew gum, you blow bubbles.
  • You know the importance of keeping a balloon off the ground.
  • And would probably eat more cereal if they came with toys
  • Knowing that there is only one week left for your birthday leaves you over excited!
  • You still have a shelf reserved for all your childhood toys, and make sure to clean them every once in a while.
  • You spend a lot of time playing video games.
  • You still love cotton candies.
  • You know the names of at least four shows on Nickelodeon!
  • You like playing dress up.
  • You make a big deal out of little cuts.
  • There are times you still get stubborn just like the good old days when something is not going your way.
  • There are days when you still think you might have super powers.
  • You know that a backward somersault is a crowning achievement.
  • You wish you still had recess every day.
  • You love sleeping in. taking naps, and footie pajamas.
  • When you get sick you just want your mommy.
  • You think about what your life will be like when you get older.
  • And you’re convinced that you are/will be the coolest parent ever because of all of this.
  • You just imagined yourself doing in the points above.

Childhood is something we all have enjoyed the most and that time has been the most cherished of all. As kids, we wanted to grow up and do all that our parents or elders would do. Be it start going to college or driving the car or just start earning. But now that we are adults, all we want to do is go back down the memory lane and become a child again.

“Growing old is mandatory but growing up is an option.”

So, indulge in the little happiness of life, and watch everything fall into place.


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