Ah Pity!

The flower doesn’t give happiness,

the thorn has its place in,

happiness alone is not a life,

the sadness mingles in.


Our relation is alike –

the two river banks,

with sad hearts and soul,

going towards where the deep calls.


The temple of trust – you broke,

only thinking it to be a pile of dust.

The dagger thrust on my broken heart,

to find you kneeling elsewhere.


The dawn, noon and dusk,

I yearn to see you.

Changing the words of love,

I feel like talking to you.


Then the sickness turns up,

thinking of you.. trying to understand,

I am in a trance,

with your thoughts and plans.


Shall I sing secretly in your ear;

my heart’s saddest song?

To rapture your soul eternally,

with the sadness of past.


Ah!.such a pity!

to live with your habit,

even wine doesn’t leave me,

only you are my trust.

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